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1st Biorhythm

Having a bad day? Feeling unmotivated? But you don't know why? Check your biorhythms!

The 1st Biorhythm is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to calculate your biorhythm cycles so you can plan your activities to achieve maximum efficiency and be prepared for the critical day before it comes.

Using 1st Biorhythm you will find out a person's physical, emotional and intellectual stability at any moment of time. Also 1st Biorhythm will provide you with the interpretation of the current biorhythm state and many other reports including person compatibility and double critical days.

On top of that you can even embed all charts and reports into Microsoft Office® documents or send via e-mail.

User Testimonials

"I think it is awesome, but I am a rooky at this. The price makes it well worth trying. I have already recommended it to a friend."
-Janice Law (Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA)

"Thank you for you very close and speedy support. I will not hesitate to recommend your program to all my friends."
-Richard White (Los Molinos, CA, USA)

"This is a great program. Thank you also for always answering my e-mails."
-Chuck Trott (Levittown, PA, USA)